4Pcs League Of Legends Keycaps



Kind tips:

1. This product is OEM height R1-R4, satellite shaft light-transmitting keycap. Please make sure it works with your keyboard
Purchase to avoid unnecessary troubles. If you are not sure whether it is applicable, please contact customer service.

2. The keycaps are made of ABS material. After laser engraving, the multi-layer coating is attached to protect the paint surface against oil, and the paint color will not fall off. Use it with confidence!

3. The height of the default key position QWERDF for hero skills and summoner skills, please note if there is any change. For avatars, equipment accessories, etc., please be sure to tell us the installation keys, we will make them according to the height.

4. The keycaps are all black light-transmitting keycaps. There is a slight color difference due to the influence of the shooting environment and light, and the actual product shall prevail.