SteelSeries RGB lighting Gaming Mouse Pad




Colorful light effect easy to carry

QCK Prism Cloth is equipped with Steelseries Prism RGB backlight technology. After connecting with the computer, the mouse pad edge can emit continuously changing colored lights, and can be linked with other Steelseries peripherals to create a beautiful desktop landscape for players. The mouse pad adopts flexible design, which is convenient for players to roll it up for carrying when they go out.

Optimized surface rejection of frame loss

According to the principle of mouse imaging, high density fiber surface is woven by special technology, which provides a good reference for mouse positioning and bid farewell to lost frames.

Native rubber non-slip base

Durable native rubber anti-skid layer can remove unnecessary movement and ensure accurate mouse positioning.

Hand raising say goodbye to drifting

The surface of the mouse pad is made of low reflection fiber, which can suppress diffuse reflection and bring FPS players as low a silent distance as possible without losing frames.

Fine edging to avoid wear

The edge of the mouse pad uses suture toolkit edge technology, which can improve the wear resistance and service life of the product and reduce the probability of spalling on the surface of the mouse pad.