SteelSeries RIVAL106


SteelSeries RIVAL106 Game mouse wired mouse mirror RGB back photoelectric gaming mouse for LOL CF

From sponsoring professional players to designing products for professional players, SteelSeries has focused on developing e-sports industries around the world to help players.

Rival106 uses Long endurance fretting design, 20 million key life, sire quality, lasting and new.

Focus on the first heart of the auction and not change

Rival 106's TrueMove1 engine, through the advanced Jitter Return Technology to deliver natural mouse movement, to achieve real operating feedback without slowing the reaction time.

There is a protective film attached to the feet of the mouse, which users can keep or tear off according to their own usage.

Long endurance fretting, Better FPS game mouse

Jitter Reduction Technology

Rival 106 has two light-emitting areas and about 16.8 million colors to choose from. You can easily customize your mouse using Steelseries Engine3 Lighting system